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Pirate Chain Earrings "Jolly Rita/Pirate MOM"

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Pirate Chain Earrings "Jolly Rita/Pirate MOM"

☠️ Check out this exciting new offering just in time for Mother’s Day. Earrings featuring our custom Jolly Rita design. High resolution image in vibrant colors on metal alloy. What will the think of next? We ARRR offering these at a low introductory price as part of our catalog expansion. So don’t be a scallywag. Get these earrings for the Pirate Queen in your life.

More Details

  • Metal alloy
  • Custom front
  • Low introductory price
  • This product is made on demand - please allow for production time
  • Made for Pirates, by Pirates 🏴

Care Instructions

☠️ Wipe with a clean damp cloth as needed.

☠️ Thank you for shopping at RED PILL PRODUCTS. We appreciate your business. 🏴 Pirates together STRONG. #HODL 🏴

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