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Pirate Chain Zipper Wallet "Black Pearl"

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Pirate Chain Zipper Wallet "Black Pearl"

☠️ There’s nothing generic about this custom Pirate Chain Zipper Wallet. All the bougie wenches want one. Life is too short to be boring. You have to put all your credit cards and cash in something, might as well be this personalized wallet. Made with cruelty-free faux leather, this wallet comes packed with utility and style. This would go great with that tote bag… There’s nothing like having a matched set for carrying around all your loot. Look no further than this personalized wallet that is unique and full of character.

More Details

  • Cruelty-free faux leather
  • Nylon zip and alloy hardware
  • Gold thread stitching
  • Room for cash, credit cards, coins, and checkbook
  • One size: 7.87" x 4.33" (20cm x 11cm)

Care instructions:

Wipe the dust or any dirt off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

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